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Enhanced Porosity and Organic Content Understanding through Digital Rock Analysis with Ingrain Services

Through Ingrain Services, a combination of physical laboratory analysis and digital rock analysis (DRA) tests were conducted on plug samples from two wells in the Delaware Basin. The samples tested were taken from the Second Bone Spring (2BSPG) and the Wolfcamp A (WCA) formations. The purpose of these tests was twofold: first to improve overall reservoir characterization and evaluation, and second to compare and contrast data on porosity, total organic content (TOC), and mineralogy from traditional physical laboratory experiments and from DRA methods. This presentation is centered on the second purpose.

Three reasons to watch:

  • Understanding the disparity between physical laboratory and digital rock analysis (DRA)
  • Learn how volumetric data from carefully selected and upscaled DRA measurements can be used for quantitative evaluation of reservoir quality
  • Discuss cost-effective methods to understand porosity associated with organic matter (PAOM), which is not easily characterized with traditional formation evaluation techniques

Who should watch?

  • Exploration and asset Managers
  • Geoscientists
  • Petrophysicists
  • Geologists
Presented By:
Joel Walls

Dr. Joel Walls
Director of Unconventional Technology
Halliburton Ingrain

Dr. Joel Walls is a geophysicist and entrepreneur with extensive experience in the research, development, launch, and sale of advanced technology products and services for the upstream oil and gas industry. He joined Ingrain in 2010 as the director of unconventional technology with responsibility for developing and commercializing services focused on shale and other unconventional reservoirs. Halliburton acquired Ingrain in 2017.

Dr. Walls was a co-founder and the first president of the Society of Core Analysts, and is a member of AAPG, SPE, SPWLA, and SEG. He is the author of many industry publications and holds four US patents in the fields of digital rock properties and seismic reservoir characterization.